Is this fair?

How would you feel if this was all you had?

Or this?

6,508 people slept rough at some point in London alone during 2013/2014... (Source - CHAIN)

Show the UK Government the Red Card!

Roof challenges the state and supports people to get off the streets..

Because in the Government's mind..

Pretty gardens and MP expenses are clearly more important!

You can make a stand to..

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How does Jenny's life go from this..
To this in just 29 years?

Where Coventry fails people, we won't stop until there's justice..

18 Months later Jenny was no longer with us at the age of just 59

Ask Coventry NHS, Warwick Hospital and Social Services "why?" - We will be!

People with mental illness deserve better than to be ignored..

Follow the campaign on Twitter @justiceforjenny or

We bet you're glad we're not still stuck here!

The Gareth Group offers small to medium businesses and the most disadvantaged so much more..

And instead of this..

When you contract us, you make a difference to the lives of the sick, poor and homeless who we give opportunities to..

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A message for you Elizabeth..

You could reverse Legal Aid cuts for the most vulnerable..

Amber - You seriously need to change things..
These are some of the thugs she gives free reign to

Whilst not all of the Police are like this, too many are, we are not scared and we will stand together in protest!

We Plan..
We Protest..
and Gareth Group Law gets justice..

We do not believe in poorer and often more vulnerable people being bullied..

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Welcome to Roof...


Roof Outreach

"As times get tougher, more and more people are at risk of losing their homes. Whilst businesses cut back on their staffing levels to save money, workers are laid off. At the same time rent rarely becomes cheaper and if you are lucky enough to be one ring up on the property ladder, the mortgage still has to be paid."

Welcome to Roof, a project set up to offer intensive support by offering ongoing support to the people that we meet through street outreach and through referral. We help with homelessness applications and appeals to Councils, provide practical advice, assist with benefit applications and appeals and assist with grant and tenancy deposit scheme applications. Overall, we advocate for homeless people to get a better deal.

To give the best possible service to our Service Users, we work with charitable organisations taking and making referrals to and from other agencies and other projects. We also often work together with these organisations to deliver more effective solutions to benefit Service Users. Wherever possible, we work with the people that we support not only to empower them but also to take the next step towards leaving homelessness behind. 

It's not uncommon for Roof to make referrals to nationwide advice organisations, money advice and addiction support charities amongst other organisations. We recognise our diverse client base. 

In response to public sector cutback and the decline in charitable funding available, we look to arrange bulk discounts of key services to charities from IT Architecture through to discounts in telecommunications and utilities. We plan to extend this part of our work as more charities and homelessness organisations register their interest with us.

We are also looking to develop or work with other organisations to develop a shared nationwide homelessness client database to ensure that consistent support is offered to travelers who seek more support in other parts of the country. We will only grant access to organisations that have robust security and data protection policies. 

We look to network with as many homelessness projects as possible including projects that readily assist homeless people with getting back into a structured way of life including education and placement opportunities. We also look for responsible Landlords to network with us and offer decent housing to decent people who have fallen on hard times. 

We are always looking for volunteers to engage street homeless people, answer the phones and respond to Emails and correspondence and we are always grateful for free professional help from Lawyers, Accountants, Public Relations Consultants and Website Designers and Developers so if you are one of these, please do contact us to register your interest.

If you do not have a lot of time, you can also help us by making a donation towards our work and/or spread the word of Roof's work through your social media communities. 

To find out more please visit the Get Involved! section of the website.  

If you have any feedback on the website, any ideas, or you would like to help out, we would welcome your contact. 

Important Note

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An incorporated body (Administration of Justice Act [1985] (S9 and S9A)).

We are not regulated by the Law Society or the Solicitors Regulation Authority. As such we cannot give legal advice and none of our activities amount to the same.

"Gareth Group Law" simply refers to our politically neutral interest in upholding fair access to and provision of services offered to people by the public sector and in lawfully campaigning for public bodies to adhere to legislation for the benefit of wider society. 

Any use whatsoever of this website and in particular the Gareth Group Law and Roof websites signifies your acceptance of this position.

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